House-made, delicious & fresh.

Toast w Spreads​

Sourdough, multigrain, or fruit toast 

w/ butter & your choice of one spread: jam, honey, vegemite, or peanut butter

Free Range Eggs on Toast

Poached, fried, or scrambled on buttered sourdough or multigrain toast

Big Breakfast

Free-range eggs on buttered toast w/ 3 sides of your choice & relish

Breaky Burger

Egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, spicy tomato, relish mayo on brioche

Add grilled halloumi  

Vegan Bruschetta

Fresh tomato, avocado, basil on toast & balsamic glaze

Min Chilli Soldiers

Poached  eggs, feta, basil, chilli oil w/ chunky cut sourdough and vegemite 

Add Bacon 

Smashed Avo

Avocado, feta, salad, poached egg on toast w/ balsamic glaze

Add Bacon   

Grilled Halloumi Salad

Panko crumbed halloumi on a bed of grilled vegetables, greens, candied seeds, mixed herbs, couscous, almonds & yoghurt

H.C.T Sandwich

Ham, cheese, tomato & basil on toast or croissant

B.L.T Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce, toamto relish and mayo

Veggie Sandwich

Roast vegetables, avoacado, greens & feta

Chicken Sandwich

Poached chicken, avocado, greens & dill mayo

Breaky Burrito

Scrambled eggs, bacon, mix beans, cheddar, lettuce, tomato onion salsa, guacamole, chipotle sour cream wrapped in tortilla 

Veggie Burrito

Grilled vegetables, corn, greens, cheese, sourcream, onion, avocado, beans, chipotle potato wrapped in a tortilla

Chicken Burrito

Spiced grill chicken, cheese, potato, guacamole, tomato onion salsa, creamy chipotle, lettuce & red cabbage weapped in torilla 

California Burrito

Rare beef, potato fries, salsa, cheddar, beans, lettuce, avocado & chipotle sourcream wrapped in tortilla

Hot Chips

w/ sauce

Small / Large


Extra toast, Gluten-free toast, Peanut butter, Relish, Jam 

Poached, Fried egg, Persian feta 

Smoked salmon, Grilled halloumi 

Scrambled egg, Bacon, Chorizo sausage, Avocado, Mushrooms, Seasonal greens, Hash brown 



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