House-made, delicious & fresh.

All Day Breakfast


Toast w Spreads

Sourdough, multigrain

w butter and your choice of jam, honey, vegemite, peanut butter


Fresh Fruit Salad  

Honey, yogurt and candied seeds


Organic Bircher Muesli

Fresh fruits, blueberry compote, yogurt, candied seeds and nuts


Breaky Roll

Egg, bacon, tomato, spicy tomato relish, mayo on brioche

Add grilled halloumi $3.50


Vegan Bruschetta

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil on multigrain w balsamic reduction


Smashed Avo

Feta, salad, poached egg on toast and balsamic glaze
Add bacon $4


Blackeye Beans and Potato (Vegetarian)

Poached eggs, goats cheese, chilli oil, radish relish, roti bread & yoghurt


Gluten Free Breaky Burrito

Chilli beans, scrambled egg, avocado, sour cream, tomato salsa, chilli oil, corn bread

Add Bacon $4


Min Chilli Soldier

Poached eggs, feta, basil, chilli oil w chunky cut sourdough


Free Range Eggs on Buttered Toast

Poached, scrambled or fried


Big Breakfast

Free range eggs on buttered toast with 3 sides of your choice and relish


Smoked salmon, grilled halloumi


Scrambled eggs, goats cheese, Bacon, sujuk sausage, mushrooms, avocado, roasted tomatoes, kale, fresh tomato, kimchi, potato and beetroot rosti (g/f), sauteed mustard greens

Extra toast, gluten free toast, peanut butter, radish relish, house relish, house jam


Egg, Persian feta



Gluten Free Fritters

After Ten Today.



Traditional Nepalese dumpling soup, chicken, hokkien noodles, vegetables, coriander, chilli chutney & lemon


Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Avocado, feta, rocket, dill, poached egg, and balsamic glaze on toast


Super Salad

Poached chicken, asparagus, corn, avocado, beetroot, barley, pumpkin, feta, almonds, seeds, pomegranates & rocket


Grilled Halloumi (veg)

Thyme and panko crumbed halloumi, on a bed of grilled vegetables, mixed herb, couscous, almonds, yogurt, sumac and lemon


Vegan Lunch (gluten free)

Potato & beetroot rosti w kale, mushroom, asparagus, cashew, sesame dukka, mango, avocado, pomegranates, tomato, herb salsa


Veggie Burger

Potato and beetroot rosti w cheese, mushroom, avocado, lettuce, relish and mayo plus chips and sauce. 


Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger

Lettuce, tomato, cheddar, chipotle mayo, served with chips & sauce


Poached chicken Avocado, rocket, dill mayo


B.L.T Bacon, lettuce, tomato, relish, mayo


Vege Roast vegetables, mushrooms, avocado, rocket, feta & kimchi.

Classic Ham, cheese, tomato, basil


Toasted Sandwiches



Add small chips to any sandwich

Bowl of Chips w sauces

Coffee & sweets

Drinks & Sweets.


House Made Sweeties

Ask staff or see the cabinet




Coffee Allpress Coffee black/white

Strong / extra shot


Filtered Coffee Hot or on ice




Oat Milk



Almond milk


Freshly Brewed Tea

Lemongrass and Ginger / chamomile / early grey / english breakfast / peppermint / gunpowder green


Freshly squeezed Juice

Apple, orange, carrot, watermelon, add ginger or mint



Mixed berry / banana



Crushed ice with watermelon, pineapple, mint and strawberries


Iced Coffee / Chocolate / Mocha





Berocca Hangover

Bloody Mary



Sparkling Mineral Water





Wines, beers and ciders

Please ask our staff


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